Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer financing?

We are pleased to offer US customers financing through Elite. You can visit our financing page to learn more about the pre-qualification and application process. For our customers in Canada, we encourage you to work with one of our local dealers for financing. They’re very experienced, and can help you find competitive options. One of our brand reps can get you connected with your local dealer, or you can visit our dealership locator to reach out personally. 

Where are Scout campers built?

Scout campers are built by Adventurer Manufacturing, in newly-expanded production facility located in Yakima, WA. Adventurer’s quality has been celebrated throughout the US and Canada for over 50 years. 

Can I visit the factory?

If you’re interested in taking a look at our product, you can now schedule a visit using our online portal.

Please note: because we prioritize speedy delivery to our dealers and customers, we cannot guarantee that your desired model/unit will be in production at the time of your tour. Our onsite Adventure Guide will happily help coordinate any additional support at the close of your tour.

Adventurer Manufacturing
3303 W Washington Ave
Yakima, WA 98903, USA

8am – 4pm
(Please note that we are closed on the weekends and most federal holidays.)

How are Scout campers constructed?

Scout is the perfect balance of strength and portability. Intelligent engineering combined reinforced aluminum framing, and rock solid composite hardwalls, and that lead to a newer, smarter way to adventure. 

High-density, polyurethane foam (fortified with fiberglass) gives you 4-season insulation without wiping out your payload. Wood-free composite construction means you enjoy superior, rot-resistant travels year-round. 

Why do Scout campers use “all composite wall construction?”

No wood = no rot. Scouts are built to last for generations. 

How high is the ceiling in a Scout camper? What is the exterior height?

The interior heights: 

-Yoho: 75” 

-Olympic: 78” 

-Kenai: 80″ 


Exterior heights (w/o roof top tent, and not including camper jacks): 

-Yoho: 78″ 

-Olympic: 81″ 

-Kenai: 83″ 

What separates Scout from other truck bed campers?

To put it simply: we upped the game on portability, customization, and environmental harmony. Scout comes with amenities that can be taken out and enjoyed independently, and even taken out on other adventures without the truck camper itself. Scout campers are not like traditional RVs which have complicated, overly-integrated systems. Instead, Scout encourages all to travel more freely and self-sufficiently. 

There are plenty of options for customization which allows users the opportunity to create their dream adventure vehicle from the start. Since most of the amenities are portable and optional, users can choose which options they need and which they don’t. Scout only offers the besta collection of high-quality, reputable camping gear and equipment that will elevate the user’s camping experience.  


How do you access the roof top tent?

The roof top tent can be accessed from inside the camper through an interior hatch located adjacent to the sleeping area. It also comes with a lock-in-place, telescoping ladder for exterior access. 

How long does the roof top tent take to set up?

The roof top tent simple to set up, and generally takes just a few minutes to complete. All you have to do is release the exterior latches, and the internal hydraulics take care of the rest. All that’s left after that is to make your bed and enjoy the views.  

Any extra equipment you need for assembling the rainfly comes included with your unit and we recommend opening the roof top tent periodically to keep the hydraulics from stiffening when not in use. 


Why doesn’t Yoho have a roof top tent?

Yoho was designed with lighter-duty, V6 trucks in mind, which means that Yoho’s weight needs to remain within a certain range to stay safe. The roof top tent is available on our larger models, Olympic and Kenai, and gives you space to sleep up to 3 individuals. 

What size are the beds in each Scout model?

The Scout Yoho main sleeper is a full-sized mattress that measures 50″ x 72″”. The convertible lounge transitions into 2 small beds that measure 23.5” x 66.75” and 18.5” x 65” respectively. 

The Scout Olympic main sleeper is a full XL sized mattress that measures 52″ x 80″. The convertible dinette collapses down into a twin sized sleeping space that measures 34″ x 70″. The bed dimensions in the optional roof top tent measures 54.5” x 88”. 

The Scout Kenai main sleeper is also an XL sized mattress that measures 52″ x 80″. Much like in our Yoho model, the convertible lounge transitions into 2 small beds that measure 22.25″ x 63.5″ and 18.5″ 67.25″. The bed dimensions in the optional roof top tent measure 54.5” x 88”. 

How many people can sleep in a Scout?

The Scout Olympic and Kenai can comfortably sleep 4-6 individuals. The optional roof-top tent increases sleeping capacity by 2 adults (or 3 children). The Scout Yoho can comfortably sleep up to 4 individuals. 

Does Scout come with a bathroom?

Each Scout comes with spray wand water storage, with the option to add a 2.6 a gal portable toilet. Our Kenai model offers an additional stow-away cassette toilet, mud pan entryway, and a 360 privacy curtain. A designated, pre-wired cubby for a heated rinse station makes Kenai our most fully-featured Scout model, yet.

What air conditioning options are available?

Our product development team is continuing to review air conditioning options that will fit into the design and purpose of our product. If this is something important to you, please connect to a brand rep to explore options together. 
While we don’t currently offer AC, we can still keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Each unit comes standard with solar intake/exhaust ventilation in the galley, and the double pane windows on both sides of the camper can be opened to create a cross-breeze. Additionally, the skylight/roof top tent opening near the bunk provides further access to fresh air, and views of the night sky. We’ve also included solar reflector shades on our windows, and the 270-degree awning provides great sunshade if you’re camping in the open. 

What kind of refrigeration is offered for Scout campers?

Every Scout offers the awardwinningly portable and powerful Dometic CFX3 fridge/freezer as an option. 

The 45L, exclusive to Yoho, can refrigerate or deepfreeze down to –22 °C with minimal energy consumption  even in hot environments. Monitor the 45L’s energy, temperature and performance from your phone, and enjoy luxurious integrations like LED interior lights, a USB charging port for personal devices, and compatibility with Yoho’s 1000x portable power station.
The 75L, available for Olympic and Kenai, shares the same cooling performance, convenience controls, and energy efficiency as the 45L. The 75L boasts more room for provisions, as well as the flexibility of concurrent fridge and freezer compartments. 

Whether the 45L is your Yoho musthave, or if you can’t imagine life in Olympic or Kenai without the 75L, you’re guaranteed the ultimate convenience of cooling made portable. Keep it in your unit or take it on other adventures even without the camper. 

How do the optional camper jacks make it easy to load and off-load my unit?

Our removable camper jacks weigh only 114lbs and provide just as many advantages when attached, as they do when they’re off. Taking them off lowers your travel weight when driving, and gives your rig more maneuverability in tight spaces – two things that are hard to find with permanent motorized jacks. When attached these jacks allow you to safely store your unit, and also give you the flexibility of using your camper apart from your truck when properly supported without having to stress about a complicated loading/reloading experience. 

The removable jacks are mounted to 4 steel brackets located on the underside of the horizontals. The jacks extend outwards at a 45 degrees from each of the four corners for added stability in loading and storage. Each jack has an “arm” that slides in and out of the jack bracket, which can be pinned in place during loading and unloading according to your bed width. The jacks are manually operated and come with a manual handle and drill adapter so that a standard drill can be used to raise or lower the jacks. The jack brackets also incorporate the attachment of the tiedown ratchet straps, which are used to tie the camper to the truck beds. 

What’s it like to cook in a Scout?

We loved Dometic’s powdercoated aluminum cooktop base so much, we partnered with them to create something 100% exclusive to Scout. Its precise gas metering and splatter guards make it one of our most asked about options to date. Our custom cooktop option has a quick disconnect gas line which makes the transition from indoor to outdoor cooking close to effortless. Whether you choose our cook top, or bring your own, every Scout comes standard with galley gas hookups. (But, if you choose ours, you’ll make meal prep a snap, and enjoy shift-free travel with the Scout cooktop security strap.) 

Speaking of gas hookups, though: Olympic’s optional slide-out prep station gives you additional, exterior gas hookups as well as a functional tabletop for cooking outdoors and additional storage for stowing items while on the road.

Note: Many of our owners use their Scout in high altitudes for skiing, hiking, and mountain adventurers.  Depending on elevations, some LP (gas) appliances may require modifications through the Original Equipment Manufacturer for optimal performance.

Where can I view a Scout?

We’ve made great strides to increase the availability of demo units across our dealership network, and you can find your local dealer by connecting with our brand representatives.

If you’re local to Washington state, you’re also welcome to stop in at our Yakima manufacturing facility to look at our product. You can schedule a visit by using our online portal.

To take a virtual tour of Yoho (our smallest model), click here.
To take a virtual tour of Olympic (our mid-size model), click here.
To take a virtual tour of Kenai (our largest model), click here. 

To view owner stories and see what life in Scout is like, check us out on Instagram. 

Where is my closest dealer?

We are partnered with several dealerships throughout the United States and Canada and we’d love to help you locate a unit near you. One of our brand reps will have the most accurate information regarding dealerships, inventory and lead time for your area. You can reach out to our reps directly by using the contact form. 

Do you sell internationally?

As Scout continues to grow and develop, we may explore facilitating exports outside of North America. Contact us to learn more. 

Can I purchase a Scout directly from the factory?

One of the exciting changes to come out of 2022 is the ability to take delivery of your order directly from our factory in Yakima, WA. Current lead time direct from factory is 3.5 months.

Once you place you order online, delivery can be coordinated through our factory or one of our dealer partners. Each geographical region has its own regulations regarding camper titling and registration, so this method of delivery not only ensures you get all the right paperwork for your area, it also a way for us to support many local, family-owned dealerships across the country. 

Whether you start by working with your local dealer, or want a one-on-one with one of our reps, we’ve done our best to provide you with a satisfactory and seamless purchase experience. If you have any questions during any part of the pre-order/pick-up process, our team of reps is here to help. 

Do your campers come with a warranty?

Yes, all Scout campers come with a structural warranty that begins as soon as you take delivery. 
*If you’ve recently taken delivery of a unit, please use the warranty registration link at the bottom of the page to complete your enrollment. 

How much does a Scout camper cost?

The price of your Scout will depend on the size of your unit, as well as the options you choose to include. Click on the links below to explore pricing, weight, customizations, and more feature details.
Build and price the Yoho 
Build and price the  Olympic
Build and price the  Kenai 

How much does tax and shipping come out to?

Taxes and shipping are calculated at the time of purchase. These two things are dependent on your region’s tax rates, and what your delivery dealership’s shipping rates are. Our team would be happy to provide further insight for your location, so please don’t hesitate to reach out by using our contact form. 

Lead time: when will I receive my camper after putting my deposit down?

The delivery location and the model factor into each order’s lead time, so there can be some transport timeHowever, our brand reps would be more than able to get you a speedy answer on that, and any other questions you might have about Scout. You may touch base with them directly by using the contact form on our website.  

What makes Scout a good off-grid camper?

Scout campers are charged by nature. Each unit comes standard with complete solar integration, enabling you power up without the need for campsite hookups. The optional diesel heater keeps you warm on the coldest winter nights, and Scout’s insulated advanced composite walls keep your adventure shelter safe from the elements during all seasons. Filter pristine, potable water direct from natural sources, and enjoy precise spray-wand convenience. The optional slide-out prep station (exclusive to Olympic) allows you to cook outside. Add on the optional 270-degree awning, and you’ve got a set-up that puts you in complete harmony with nature. 

From Olympic’s dinette table, the fridge/freezer options, portable power station, water storage/shower options, interior cushions, and optional two-burner cooktop: our amenities are meant to be taken out of the camper and enjoyed inside or out. Or even independently from the camper, all together. We embrace exploring the possibilities, and Scout’s options work with you to do that. 

Check out our options page to start imagining your own Scout adventures. 

Are these campers built for cold weather camping?

Our modular diesel heater is perfect for 4-season traveling, offering a cozy atmosphere and ample heating – even on those cold, backwoods nights. Installed in a removable metal box on the exterior of the back wall, our newest heater option brings the power.

With 2 kW max output and the capability to operate in temperatures as low as -45°C/-49°F, you’ll stay warm and protected from the elements. This heater is as economic as it is powerful, consuming just 0.24 litres of diesel fuel per hour. Its brushless induction motors also ensure low operating noise levels. Heater box measures: 22″ x 22″ x 10.5”

Note: supplemental energy connection is recommended for extended trips in suboptimal weather. Additional aftermarket battery storage and charging options like the Goal Zero Yeti Car Link will help increase your time off-grid when using your heater.

The exterior gear locker (standard on all our models) is a great place to store gear, skis and snowboards for those who will be using the camper as a base camp for snow sports. 

Can you use the camper when it’s off the truck?

One of the great things about truck campers is that they provide the ability to set up camp, off-load your camper and then the ability to use your truck for other things like hunting, launching the boat, running to town, etc. 

You can purchase a Scout with lightweight, removable camper jacks that give you a fast and easy mode of loading and unloading your camper. 

IMPORTANT: When using the camper off of the truck and on the jacks, make sure the camper is on stable, flat ground, that the jacks are as low as possible, and for safety reasons it is required to support the front nose of the camper when used off of the truck to limit potential of tipping forward.



Scout campers are “self-contained” – what does that mean?

Traditionally, RVs have a high energy requirement and cannot travel far without needing to hook up to city water and power. What makes a camper self-contained is its ability to have everything you need in of itself and the ability to travel self-sufficiently for long periods of time. 

Scout campers offer you everything you need to leave cities and campsites behind. It’s for those individuals and families who want to be totally self-reliant and independent when they travel. Scout’s 4-season construction means that users can remain self-contained all year round, especially with features like the optional real flame propane fireplace. Scout offers plenty of optional add-ons which maximize the user’s self-sufficiency like additional portable 2 gal water storage packs, the 270 degree awning, a portable 2.6 gal toilet, and much more. 

Do you offer roof racks?

At this time, we only offer roof racks as an add-on for 2023 but there are plenty aftermarket options available that can be mounted directly onto your camper. When installing aftermarket roof racks, please ensure that they are mounted into the exoskeleton of the camper, which will evenly distribute your added cargo’s weight throughout the structure.

Which model will fit on my truck?

Because bed size, payload capacity, and a great many features vary from vehicle to vehicle, we can point you towards what might work best, but you’ll need to check with your vehicle manufacturer recommendations to ensure a safe fit. 

Yoho is our smallest model. It was designed with light-duty V6 trucks in mind but is an excellent choice for keeping a low payload on larger trucks, as well. Yoho’s floor was engineered specifically for narrower truck beds, and is safe for use on short and long boxes.  
The Olympic is our mid-size model. Its width is perfect for full-size boxes, and typically does well on 1500 trucks and above. Olympic is compatible with short and long beds and has the option to add additional sleep space with the roof top tent.
The Kenai is our largest model and is recommended for larger, 2500 trucks and above. Kenai comes with extensive interior storage, an indoor shower and bathroom, and also has the option for additional sleeping space with the roof top tent. 

You can build, price and weigh all three units online, and compare those specs to your truck’s manufacturer recommendations before purchase. To view our Truck Preparation guide, click here. If you have any other specific fit, financing or product availability questions, please don’t hesitate to touch base with one of our brand reps via our contact form. 

How does the camper secure to my truck?

Scout was designed to load up quickly, and off-load easily when you need to. The camper secures to your truck by utilizing the floor anchors of your truck box to hook/ratchet the camper in securely.  

All Scout campers come standard with the ratchet tie down system, and our optional camper jacks give you added stability in loading and storage. 

How much weight can my truck carry?

There are several things to consider when determining how much weight your truck can carry. Please refer to the list below: 

  1. The Payload Capacity – In many cases this rating is posted in the glove box of your truck, if not refer to your owner’s manual or manufacturers resources.
  2. GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) – Is the maximum weight the manufacturer rates that truck to carry, including weight of the truck and all people, cargo, fuel, etc.
  3. GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating) – Is the maximum rating the manufacturer rates the axles to carry.
  4. Tire Capacity (rating of your tire) – This fine print on the sidewall of your tire, usually just behind the tire inflation number, this will usually be a direct correlation to the axle ratings and GVWR on new truck. This will always be your weak link in your weight carrying capacity and should always be checked before carrying any load, including a passenger car for that matter. Always make certain you choose tires with the proper load capacity to handle whatever load you are carrying with your vehicle!

To view our Truck Preparation Guide, click here. 

What is “center of gravity” and how is it measured?

Center of gravity (COG) is the identified point on your camper where its weight is equal on both sides (from nose to back wall)You’ll want the strongest point of your truck bed (load range, usually corresponding with your rear axle) to match up with Scout’s center of gravity. To find your truck’s load range, please see your vehicle’s owner’s manual. 
Yoho’s COG26″ 
Olympic’s COG: 27″
Kenai’s COG: 35″ 

As the owner, it is your responsibility not to exceed the weight or COG specifications of your truck when purchasing a truck camper. Always think safety first before loading a camper on your truck. Please consult your dealer, who can help you select aftermarket items designed to aid in proper use of your truck and camper combination. 

Can people ride inside the Scout while driving?

Laws vary from state to state on this issue. Regardless of legality, Scout does not come with seatbelts, and we strongly discourage passengers from occupying camper while it is in motion. Erratic movements or sudden impact could cause unsecured objects (or people) to be severely or lethally injured. 


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