We would love to hear about your collaboration idea or media opportunity. Whether it be taking SCOUT on an epic expedition or highlighting Scout on your website or blog, writing a product review, or creating a cross-promotional campaign, we are definitely interested in hearing your unique pitch.

Through content creation, campaigns, or cross-promotions, we can spread mutual brand awareness while working on an exciting project, that can provide value to both of our audiences. Get in touch and we can brainstorm something great together.

– Brand Partnerships
– Cross-Promotions
– Social Media Campaigns
– Events
– Giveaways

It’s always a pleasure to hear that a magazine, website, news media, or blog wants to write about Scout. It’s a new and unique product that gathers a lot of interest. We’re happy to provide writers and editors with our digital brochure, brand guidelines, and access to a library high-resolution images, floor plans and videos.

Expeditions, Reviews, & Content Production
Take a SCOUT on an epic adventure! We are currently looking for influencers, gear junkies, or outdoor enthusiasts to review and test our campers. We are also open to content production opportunities where influencers exchange their photography & videography skills for a trip of a lifetime in a Scout. We will provide you with all the necessary training, materials and planning prior to the adventure to ensure we maximize the opportunity and create something memorable and mutually beneficial.

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Use the form below to share your collaboration idea with us. Please Note: Scout Campers is part of Adventurer Manufacturing’s family of brands, all partnerships will be managed through AM.