Pop Up

Our Scout pop-up camper redefines portability, offering even more convenience and comfort for your outdoor adventures. With an enhanced design, it provides ample space when set up and efficient storage for travel, perfect for quick getaways and compact camping spots. Lightweight and easy to deploy, our slide-in camper allows you to explore remote destinations effortlessly. Designed for adventure, it ensures your outdoor experience is smoother and more enjoyable than ever before. Embrace the freedom to roam with Scout.


Energy efficient design, lightweight build, and charged by solar energy. No hook-ups are necessary in nature.


Everything you need to travel down the forest road and beyond. Nothing but the core essentials.


Portable amenities and features that offer more versatility when traveling like being used outdoors and on other adventures.

Built to Last

All-season protection under an aluminum exoskeleton and no-wood composite structural panels that will never rot.

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