Brand Ambassadors

Becoming an Ambassador is an exciting endeavor for both of us. We provide you with exclusive access, merchandise, and invitations to special events, and you get to share your passion and unit with others, while also sharing your feedback directly to us. We know every relationship is unique, that’s why we invite you to apply and learn more.

What We Ask:
– Must own or be in the process of owning a Scout
– Passionate about sharing Scout with the world!
– Provide your feedback to our team, to improve our products and ownership experience
– Availability to show your unit to interested customers in your region
– Ability to attend nearby industry events and shows to demonstrate your unit
– Sharing images and videos from adventures with your Scout

What You’ll Receive When You Join the Program:
– Access to exclusive Scout merchandise 
– A Scout Ambassador emblem for your unit
– Exclusive invitation to our events such as camping trips, open houses, shows and more
– Opportunity to be featured across our media channels​

Expectations and deliverables are subject to change depending on the nature of the Ambassador/Company relationship. If you feel that you have more to offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll explore the possibilities.
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